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The Skin Whisperers Amethyst Crystal Dome Course is a unique and exclusive offering for those looking to enhance their Chinese massage skills. This course incorporates the use of amethyst crystal domes, an ancient healing tool that can be used to address various skin concerns such as inflammation, puffiness, and overall skin rejuvenation. Students will learn how to effectively incorporate these crystal domes into their massage techniques, providing a holistic approach to skincare and wellness. The course is led by experienced Chinese massage practitioners who will impart their knowledge and expertise in utilizing these crystal tools for maximum benefit. Whether you're a seasoned masseuse or just starting out, The Skin Whisperers Amethyst Crystal Dome Course offers a valuable skill set to take your practice to the next level.


You will receive a pdf copy of the training manual which is 77 pages long and includes 12 videos demonstrating the different techniques you will learn in the use of The Skin Whisperers Amethyst Crystal Domes and Amethyst Crystal Eye Mask.


The course includes the following lessons:

Lesson 1: About Amethyst.

Lesson 2: Amethyst Crystal Dome and Eye Mask.

Lesson 3: The Skin.

Lesson 4: The Lymphatic System.

Lesson 5: Microcirculation, the Role of Organs, Qi Flow and Meridians.

Lesson 6: Bones of the Face and the Cranium.

Lesson 7: Face, Neck, Shoulders and Upper Back Muscles.

Lesson 8: The Benefits of Facials.

Lesson 9: Cleaning and Cleansing the tools.

Lesson 10: Contraindications.

Lesson 11: Health and Safety Procedures.

Lesson 12: Top Tips for Therapists During Treatments.

Lesson 13: Crystal Dome Lymphatic Massage Routine.

Lesson 14: Crystal Dome Warm up Routine.

Lesson 15: Crystal Dome Chin Techniques.

Lesson 16: Crystal Dome Lip Techniques.

Lesson 17: Cheek Techniques.

Lesson 18: Crystal Dome Eye Techniques.

Lesson 19: Crystal Dome Forehead Techniques.

Lesson 20: Acupressure Points.

Lesson 21: Amethyst Facial Mask.

Lesson 22: Treatment Advice, After Care and Consultation Form.

Lesson 23: Final Exams.

The Skin Whisperers Amethyst Crystal Dome Course

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